February Progress Update

The shortest month of the year is almost up and that means it’s time for another Fallout: Miami progress update!

We’ve talked about the importance of brands in fleshing out a unique Fallout location before, but it doesn’t just stop at soft drinks. Miami is a place for people with refined tastes, especially when it comes to tobacco. Nothing short of the finest luxury cigars, imported from Cuba, can satisfy the discerning smoker. Habana Sol is a brand with quite the history, starting out as a small family business and growing to a major international exporter of rich, flavourful tobacco products. Banned during the period in which the island was in China’s Communist sphere of influence, these cigars remained so beloved that they were smuggled into Miami. Once Cuba was liberated, people rejoiced at the familiar sight of Habana Sol vending machines, pictured below. This asset was made by a newcomer to the Fallout: Miami development team, NathanielW, with concept art by Sfaira.

We’re going to shed some more light on one of Miami’s factions, which you might already be familiar with, the Dreamers. Originally, they were a group of escaped slaves who settled down in the old university campus. A particularly ambitious member of the Cubanos saw an opportunity and was able to get them hooked on Luna, a powerful hallucinogenic drug that induces euphoric dreams, hence the name Dreamers. Once these sorry souls became addicted and willing to do anything for their next fix, this Cubano began using them for all sorts of unsavory tasks. Clothed in whatever was available on campus, they would be led to the mainland and tasked with threatening, raiding and attacking rival gangs. The rewards for their efforts were whatever loot the Cubanos had no need for and, of course, their next dose of Luna.

Luna has its drawbacks though, users eventually lose their sense of reality and experience rapidly deteriorating health. The first to suffer this decrepitude made their way to the nearby hospital, in the hope of finding something to alleviate the affliction. Even if there was some cure, their minds were too addled to make use of it. The condition of many of them worsened, they slowly became infirm and died. These days, Dreamers that chase the high long enough are forcefully relocated to the clinic turned crypt, where they wither away, out of sight. Lovingly rendered by Cameron August.

Onto something more cheerful. Weapons! A Fire Axe specifically, one that can also set fires. No special lore or anything fancy to say about this one, just a trusty chopper made by newcomer Coolest Guy.

It’s been a minute since we’ve talked characters, hasn’t it. You might remember Kelsey James, a companion that we showed off in December. Well, she isn’t the only one, let me introduce you to Jimmy Hart, a puckish rogue with a heart of gold. Jimmy is a recent recruit to the Nuclear Patriots who is still trying to prove he has what it takes to run with the big dogs. A Miami native who always seems to manage to talk his way out of sticky situations or stumble his way to solutions, all while managing to make it look like it was part of his plan. When he isn’t getting involved in misadventures he can often be found hanging around the various dive bars of Miami Beach.

Don’t think you’ll make it out of this update without seeing some ingame shots, our level designers work hard, here’s what they’ve been up to in the past weeks.

Before we say our goodbyes, I’d just like to remind you that we have a community Discord server, in case you wanted to get in touch with us. We’re also recruiting, if you think you have what it takes to help us make Miami a reality, submit your application here. See you next month!

K. Constantine

January Progress Update

Time for another monthly update! We hope the start of 2018 has been treating you well, we’ve been hard at work and it’s about time a little bit of it made its way out there.
Kicking this update off, we have some concept art for a weapon, not unlike the Acid Soaker from Nuka World but with a seaside twist. Nothing more refreshing on a hot post-nuclear day than being doused with acid! We have Sfaira to thank for this bit of concept art.

Staying on the topic of weapons, here’s one that a little further along. A Nine Iron, in the right hands, especially when it’s wrapped in barbed wire and sporting a stun pack, can sure pack a wallop. Just make sure you’re not on the receiving end. You can expect to find this trusty golf club in and around a very appropriate location. Made by Syncing, one of our talented 3D artists.

Miami isn’t all about weapons. We want to craft an authentic, believable world on the Atlantic coast, that means we need appropriate decorations, such as this wonderfully realized sailfish, made by Pupcheco.

Now for something a lot of you have been waiting for - a little more lore. Here is another issue of Miami Mornings, advertising trips to the unincorporated territory of Cuba. A little over half a decade before the Great War, Cuba was liberated from the Chinese aligned communist regime, that had been in power for over a century. There’s more history to cover there, but we’ll leave you with just that little taste for now. The cover was drawn by Wayne Wu.

We teased a major location last time, let’s tease a less major, but no less interesting location this time. Near Heaven, a bar of neither good nor ill repute, was the establishment of choice for those who couldn’t afford the luxury of the beachside drinkeries and also wished to avoid the hazards of Miami’s seedier dives. This watering hole, tucked between cheap parking space and the bustle of downtown Miami Beach, played host to many types of drinker - cash-strapped students on vacation, wage earners looking to relax after a day’s work, those trying to spend some time away from a spouse or people who just had sorrows in need of drowning. The mood in Near Heaven was generally calm, broken only by rowdy youngsters and, during the height of tourist season, the odd fistfight. A relative small establishment, it made its earnings primarily from regulars. That was before the bombs dropped, as for what came after, you’ll have to wait to find out. Here’s the sign for this dive, made by Chuck Yufarley.

Fallout doesn’t normally take you to the ocean coast, but you’d expect to encounter all kinds dangerous marine life if it did. Our lips are sealed on what exactly this is and how it came to be, we’ll just let the art (by newcomer to the team - hard_lighter) do the talking.

And finally, would it really be a Fallout: Miami Progress Update if we didn’t flaunt our level design. Here are a few screenshots of miscellaneous locations you can expect to visit in Miami.

Hopefully we didn’t keep you waiting too long and what we showed you this month piqued your interest. A quick reminder, we are still recruiting, so if you have a talent you think can help us make Miami a reality, feel free to apply here. Till next time!

 - K. Constantine

December Progress Update

The holidays are just around the corner, but our gift to you is coming early!
Here’s a little sample of our ambient soundtrack to start off with. This track, composed by Kalle “TheSurpriser” Nilsson (who you might remember from the previous updates), isn’t the most festive, but it’s certainly atmospheric. Play the video and continue reading for the optimal monthly progress update experience.

People come from all over just to vacation in Miami, with the main attraction being the white beaches and turquoise water. We want everyone to be able to experience this when they visit Miami, even if it’s 200 years after a nuclear apocalypse. Have a look at our brand new beaches, by MangaClub and Mika999.

Many of you have been wondering if Miami will have its own signature soft-drink. We’re happy to say that the answer is YES! Pop & Chill is a line of citrus flavored sodas that became a Florida favorite before the war. Despite its refreshing qualities and unique flavor, Pop & Chill didn’t break out nationally and remained a local brand. Here’s a billboard made by our very own Penett, featuring the company mascot!

Every signature soda needs a signature bottle and Penett once again quenches our thirst with this space age design. Pop & Chill comes in three flavors - Original (Lemon), Sunrise (Orange) and the limited release Tropic (Lime). Pop & Chill contains: one whole lemon (or other citrus fruit) per bottle, sodium benzoate, carbonated water, sugar and nicotine.

Our team of elves is hard at work, making all kinds of toys for you to play with, and this one is absolutely liberating. Made by LastFirefly, who I am now being told is not in fact an elf, The Liberator is guaranteed to fulfill all of your FREEDOM needs. Expect to see this four-barreled beast in the hands of Nuclear Patriots across the vacation wasteland.

Fallout Miami has rich, extensive lore and we’re going to tease one of our major locations, Miami natives will probably recognize it.

Now for something special - one of our companion characters. I’d like to introduce you to Kelsey James. An errant electrical and computer engineer, Kelsey spends a lot of her time scavenging for electronics and tinkering with various pre-war devices. She makes a living repairing and maintaining equipment and robots for the denizens of Miami. If there’s something you need fixed (or hacked) or you just want to compare holotape game high scores, she’s your girl. There’s a lot more to her, but you’ll have to find it out for yourselves. Drawn by Cameron August, one of our talented concept artists.

Last, but in no way least, we want to announce that Fallout Miami now has an official subreddit and a community Discord server! Drop by and tell us what you think of the update and a quick reminder, we’re still recruiting, so if you have a skill that you think can help us make Fallout Miami a reality, send in your application. We’ve also opened up preliminary voice actor applications, we’re not casting any characters yet, but you’re free to apply for future consideration.

Hopefully that’s enough to tide you over till next year. Happy Holidays from the Fallout Miami team!

- K. Constantine