Progress Update - 09.10.2017

Hello and welcome, let’s dive right into this progression update!

To start things off we have another glimpse of the Miami beaches (WIP), although people don’t really come here to relax anymore (unless mowing down hordes of ghouls is your kind of vacation).

The chill ghouls of Miami are getting attired in some cool short-sleeved shirts among other things, our fantastic asset creator/outfit designer Truly Britsy made sure the players could wear them as well.

The Rad Surfer Dude radio host now has a face, drawn by one of our many talented concept artists; Sfaira!

Here are some samples from Miami Wasteland Radio, voiced by Aubrey Chris Rodriguez.

On the topic of voice acting, the great people over at Creator’s Network will be aiding and collaborating with the Fallout Miami team. Creator’s Network is a community that supports creative productions like mods and machinimas. They’ve provided voice actors, support and community for The Frontier, Atomguard, The Deterrent, Tales of New Reno Redux - Episode 2 and many other Fallout mods. We are very happy to be working with them!

Creator’s Network

To end things we have some new images from the level design department, as is tradition. Enjoy Mika’s latest work!

That’s it for this time unfortunately, I’ve been writing these for some time now and it's always fun to present new things for the community- thanks for sticking around and I’ll see you all in the next update!

- Kalle “TheSurpriser” Nilsson

Progress Update - 05.09.2017

What's up everyone, time for some updates on what we've been working on!

One of our great asset artists, Truly_Britsy, has made some progress on one of the Nuclear Patriot outfits. Here is a teaser of his work:

Modeled after this neat piece of concept art drawn by our lovely Nelio!

As always, Mika has made further progress on the Miami worldspace which we'd like to share with you! It's all in the details ;)

On the topic of world design, one of our more recent members, StarCornet, has made some fine interior work for some of the haunting hotels of Miami. Have a look!

A while back you got to hear two snippets of the Fallout Miami Soundtrack. Enjoy a full listen to one of the many tracks off the album made by our composer, TheSurpriser!

Finally, a small teaser for the lore of Fallout Miami...

Thanks for reading, we'll see you in Miami- oh and bring some sunscreen! :)

Progress Update - 13.08.2017

It’s been awhile since the last update, so I say we get this show started right away!
To start off we’d like to thank jcdenton2012 for sharing building assets from his Miami worldspace project! These assets will help improve both the development speed and atmosphere of our Miami city! Check out what he’s building in this video:

In jcdenton2012’s video you can perhaps tell that his take on a post-apocalyptic Miami has its differences to ours, perhaps now is a good time for an update on our city!

Our concept artists are hard at work ranging from in-game posters to faction concept art. To avoid throwing too many news at you, here is some concept art for a faction you’ve already been introduced to: The Nuclear Patriots.

We have a ton of things we’re eager to reveal, but you’re just gonna have to wait until next time. See you then!